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Conversion of SDN. BHD. to LLP

Alternately, in the case for Private Company of Sendirian Berhad (Sdn. Bhd.), client may perform a conversion process to have its existing business evolved into LLP.


In accordance to the LLP Act 2012, under paragraph 33(1)(c), a Company of Sdn. Bhd. is automatically wind up at the process where the business of the Company be converted to LLP.

The following highlighted the information required to made to Registrar in order for the application of conversion process to take place:


From Sdn Bhd to  LLP

1. The name and registration number of the private company

2. The incorporation date of the private company

3. The ability of the private company in its debts settlement as they become due, at the date of application

4, The clearance of debts on statutory fees and an on amount due to any governement agency, at the date of application.

5. The announcement from private company in its business conversion into LLP, to be widely announced through newspaper advertisement and following by the publication of notification to be made in Gazatte.

6. The agreement to be obtained from all creditors in regards to the conversion made