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About Us

About Us

LLP.COM.MY PLT and Dynamic One Management Services Sdn Bhd. (“DONE”) is an independent provider of business and corporate secretarial advisory, planning and management services. We specialize in the formation and on-going administration of Malaysia companies and offshore entities from a wide range of key jurisdictions including the British Virgin Islands, Cayman Islands, Mauritius, Netherlands Antilles, Hong Kong, Indonesia and Singapore.

Why we are different

DONE adopts a “customer first” philosophy which is reflected in our commitment to provide comprehensive and high quality service. We offer our clients:

Flexibility – Our clients enjoy customized value added solutions which are geared towards their specific business needs. They can also choose from alternative service packages (ie. full service package or no-frills package) depending on their business requirements.

Independence – In line with the global push towards greater transparency and independence, we operate on an arm's length basis with our business associates.

Reliability – We have a proven track record in delivering high service quality to our clients with professionalism and integrity.

Sound technical knowledge – We have an experienced and qualified team of professionals, who offer in-depth expertise and knowledge in their area of work and are well positioned to offer sound advice and solutions to our clients.

Timeliness – Our internal structure and workflows have been designed to allow timely and efficient response to the growing needs of our clients in an ever changing and competitive business environment.

Our imagination

As professional service providers, we recognize that people are our greatest assets and the quality of our team would be a key determinant to our success.We have a small but growing team of professionals who have been brought together from different backgrounds and who have, behind them, many years of industry experience both locally and overseas. They offer a wide range of ideas and perspectives for our clients and are enthusiastic and highly committed to serving them. More importantly, they are people of integrity and honesty, which instills confidence in both our clients and professionals with whom we deal.