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Register a New LLP
New LLP formation

LLP may be formed:
-by a minimum two persons

-for any lawful business with a view to make profit

-in accordance with the terms of the LLP agreement

Special charecteristics of LLP
It is an alternative business vehicle that combines the characteristics of a company and ageneral partnership.

Limited Liability with no request of Audited account and no Company Secretary request.

Other Services

 Other services

LLP - Parnership Agreement:
-Under the LLP Act 2012. Partner Remuneration will not be allow for Tax Deduction if the LLP is Register Without Partnership Agreement.

-Partner remuneration allow if Partnership Aggreement say so "You Need a Partnership Agreement". (In the absence of agreement as to any matter set out in the Second Schedule of the LLP Act 2012, provision of the Second Schedule relating to that matter shall apply).

-Partner mutual right.

Tax Planning on LLP
LLP under the Income Tax Act.

Tax Planning on LLP.


Simplifying your business admin
Conversion of Sdn Bhd to LLP

SDN BHD may be convert to LLP
No changes in shareholder during conversion.

No subsisting security interest in asset.(No loan)

All fee due has beed settled.(mainly LHDN)

All creditor consent to the conversion.

Special reason to convert
Saving in term of cost, time and money in doing audit and having company secretary..

Thing You Should Know On LLP

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 Thing you should know on LLP

Limited Liability with no audit and secretary.

Separate Legal Entity

Unlimited Capital

Detail as Table.

Target Group of LLP
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Get you Limited Liability sheild
Conversion of partnership to LLP

partnership Convert to LLP
No Change in partner during conversion.

Partnership still solvent (no legal sue).

Approval letter, in cases of professional practice. 

Special reason to convert
Geating the protection of Lilited Liability.

Partner personal asset is protected.

Current Update On LLP

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 Current update on LLP

Open of Bank Current Account
Any issue on open of bank Current account?

Maybank can open current account start June 2013).

CIMB and other bank no Issue. 

Land Related Transaction
email us at for latest update.

Until Dec 2015 Properties still cannot be register under LLP, According to SSM this is only a short period of time issue pending the finalization of SOP by the land office. (Reply from SSM - LLP being a separate legal entity can own assets/properties just like a company. However, at the moment LLPs will not be able to register any land/property with the Land Department as the Land Department is in the midst of finalising its procedures and requirements regarding the application to register land/property by LLPs.)